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Five Content-Writing Considerations

All website owners know that great content is essential to create strong SEO, but how do you go about creating powerful content that brings in visitors, engages them and encourages those all-important conversions?

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Know Your Audience

It is vital that you know who you are writing for and craft your content accordingly. For example, if you sell scarves, then articles about seasonal scarf fashions, ways to wear them and top colour choices could be good starting points for articles. Create a content plan and stick to it.

Be Brief

One of the cornerstones of good online writing is brevity. Remember that digital content needs to be scannable. Use short sentences and paragraphs and bullet points. Be ruthless when editing text and remove any waffle.

Use Imagery

Remember that visitors will engage with imagery more readily than text. Begin to invest in video content as well as written blogs. This will add value to human readers as well as to search engines. Take photographs too – of your products in situ, of your customers and of your business activities. Take images of ‘how to’ guides or record explainer videos to help customers get more from your products. Don’t resort to cheesy stock photography – take your own, even if they are on a smartphone.

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Share Online

Social media is key if you want to get your messages and content circulating amongst your target audience. Set up relevant accounts that make sense for your business and industry. For example, LinkedIn can be great for B2B businesses, and Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can work very well for B2C. Once you have these accounts, invest in them to build a community of fans. For help with this, an agency specialising in online marketing and web design in Kent can assist. Find out more at http://www.eqmedia.co.uk/.

Commit and Invest

Content building needs to be an ongoing commitment. Put resources into your work, and ensure that at least one member of staff has the responsibility to maintain your digital accounts and to engage with your customers. Use an agency where necessary. Don’t start to blog or to create content and then let it slide – commit and keep building on your efforts to see increasing results.

With thought, a strategic approach and consistency, your content creation efforts will pay off with engagement and conversions.

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