Content Policy
Content Quality and originality 
We only post content we believe is factually correct, however were only human and sometimes we can make errors, if we believe that a piece of content has been inaccurately written we will either tweak it or remove it.
We have our own content team that we use to help make our content as best it can be.  If we ever found out our content was not unique we again would remove it.  Therefore these rules apply to you as well . . . what’s good for the goose . . . 
Content placement guidelines
We will not accept content that is copied or spun, its your ideas we want …
We will not accept content that is promotional, lets keep to the point here folks . . . 
We will not accept content that does not fit our business or marketing message .. . . you know if it fits 🙂
If we believe that your content no longer fit our sites core message it may be removed.   
Outbound links within content
If your content can be improved with links to other authoritative sites we welcome this.  
The type of link we offer will depend on the quality of the article and the relevance that link has.
Contact us
If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a topic with us drop us a line on
Gavin J


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