Sloth, enemy of traditional trade and e-commerce ally

Sloth, enemy of traditional trade and e-commerce ally

Wikipedia itself illustrates this well known term. Sloth, Latin: acedia, accidia, pigritia. Despite its many definitions, commonly also it is known as laziness, laziness, slothfulness, laziness, among other terms that may even become pejorative.

All living things that move, they tend not to waste energy if there is no profit, which does not need to be safe and immediate. Even people who avoid any activity of which this benefit is not immediate, they are often described as lazy or lazy.

No need many more explanations to understand the connotations of laziness and the unwillingness to perform certain tasks also under certain circumstances or habits that make us become more comfortable people. However, if we can stop and reflect, how these behaviors are directly influencing other habits and trends.

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