Unusual but true, 78% of online consumers have purchased ever drunk

Unusual but true, 78% of online consumers have purchased ever drunk

Arrives Friday night, after a long hard week, and for many is the time to go out at night, let your hair down, have fun and drink more or less moderation. When moderation has been little, come the consequences: surf, headache, shame before the shtick that (as I heard) rode the previous dawn or concern to discover that you sent a message of love to your ex. And now it turns out that the list of side effects of a crazy night must add a new fear: having emptied the bank account only a click to get home.

It turns out that buying under the influence of alcohol is much more common than one might think, and in fact, the average value of an order on a Friday night is 30% higher than that could be a Monday, and after 1 am, up to 40% higher. And open 24 hours online shopping, this can be quite a threat to some pockets.

Unusual but true, 78% of online consumers have purchased ever drunkIt is true that buyer boom may be due only coincidence or the enthusiasm and good own humor weekend, but Racked assume that what differentiates a Friday night of a Monday night is that it is much more likely that one He has been drinking. In any case, they contacted the online Lyst web, whose data made it clear that buying plus a Saturday morning a Tuesday or type of purchases that consumers make these odd hours: lingerie and high heels so expensive that one would not dare to buy them at daylight.

The danger zone locates after one o’clock on Saturday, although we saw that the middle order at midnight on Friday was already 30% higher. At two in the morning peak average expenditure, which is 48% higher than a Monday night it is given. In the case of lingerie, average spending increased by 140%, from $ 126-308.

In addition, Friday night many more shoes are purchased (sales are folded about a Monday night) and dresses (after midnight, sold 320% over-and Saturday- dresses on Fridays in Monday) . You should see how many of those purchases are canceled the next morning.

Although it may seem unusual, the fact is that 78% of online shoppers made some purchase drunk

This is not the only study that reveals that “tipsy” buy still is on the agenda, and according to data from Finder outlined in Quartz three – quarters of consumers have purchased and being drunk on occasion. Something that is not so surprising when you consider that alcohol can lower inhibitions all, even economic.

And what do we buy when we’re drunk? Especially clothes and shoes (10% of women and 8% of men), but also participate in pages of bets (8%, rising to 12% for men), buy cigarettes (8 %), movies and DVDs (5%), electronics (4%), narcotics (4%) or music (4%).

As explained from Finder, “When people start drinking, partly lost their ability to reason and usually opt for items that make you feel good. Spending on clothing or shoes is often a whim and not a necessity, and we yield to the temptations more easily after a few drinks. ”

In addition, as a rule, men are much more likely to buy under the influence of alcohol and overdo such purchases. The first make spontaneous purchases four times drunk than the latter, and its average cost per order is $ 314, compared to $ 67 for women.