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39 Word templates to organize it ALL

Microsoft Word is without a doubt the most famous word processor on the planet. It has more than 30 years of existence, and since the end of the 80s when the first version for Windows came out, the program took off in the skies and amassed millions and millions of users for its ease of use.

Now, many years after those first versions, there is much that has evolved the application along with the rest of Office tools. Word is much more than just a word processor, and the amount of things we can do with it is almost unlimited.

With Word we can edit all kinds of documents, but we can also create diagrams, posters, cards, brochures, invoices, calendars, diaries, lists, timelines, etc. And the best thing is that we do not have to create everything from scratch, we can always use predesigned templates where we just have to fill in the space with our information.

Curriculum vitae

Making a resume is one of the most basic tasks that every adult should know, after all it is usually our cover letter when looking for a job.

But, you will not be the first or the last to fight because you do not know where to start or how to make it beautiful and striking. You can try using any of these free curriculum vitae templates :

  • Simple Curriculum Vitae Model CV1
  • Simple Curriculum Vitae Model CV5
  • Simple Curriculum Vitae Model CV8
  • Simple Curriculum Vitae Model CV11
  • Functional curriculum model
  • Core curriculum vitae template without experience
  • Creative Bricks – Full page, three columns


To organize meetings, conferences, or any event that needs to take detailed hours of each activity to be treated.

  • Classic agenda for meeting
  • Conference agenda
  • Meeting minutes
  • Conference agenda


Whether you want to use it to organize your tasks, your classes, keep track of birthdays or anniversaries, or just as a template to print the calendar of the current year, there are several templates of this type for Word, although they are usually more used in Excel.

  • Julian calendar
  • Calendar 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Class calendar
  • Fiscal year calendar
  • Birthday or anniversary calendar (any year)
  • 2017 annual calendar


Brochures are one of the most created resources with Word, especially diptychs and triptychs . Whether to promote a product, service or event, or to give information on a particular topic, it is important that they are beautiful and eye-catching to attract people’s attention.

  • Travel brochure
  • Tri-fold business brochure
  • Business brochure small triptych
  • Brochure company triptych
  • Brochure with bootable information
  • Meeting brochure and reading club
  • Real estate brochure
  • Summer event brochure
  • Brochure to spread an event or party


Ideal for announcing events or displaying information in a striking way. These poster templates for Word can get you out of more than one hurry.

  • Poster to exhibit at medical, scientific, business conferences or fairs
  • Large poster for scientific project
  • Simple leaflet of colored blocks
  • Birthday poster
  • Poster forbidden to use the mobile


Another group of templates for different purposes that may be useful to you.

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