Seven alternatives to YouTube-MP3

Seven alternatives to YouTube-MP3

In September of last year we knew that the popular website had been denounced by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the BPI (Britich Recorded Music Industry, British equivalent of the previous one).

Just one year later, the platform has accepted the charges and pleads guilty. Both parties have reached an out-of-court settlement, handing over the name of the domain to the RIAA.

The owner of the website, Philip Matesanz, has agreed to pay an amountand probably after the platform is closed. At the moment we do not know many more details about the agreement, and the court has to sign both the proposed sentence and the court order.

In this way, the end of one of the most used tools on the Internet is announced. Most of us have ever needed to convert a video to MP3 , so we can listen to it at another time more calmly (or without having to “load” with the video).

YouTube-MP3 has surrendered and the domain will go to the RIAA.

Other websites that are still active

Anyway, at the moment, there are many similar platforms that offer the possibility of converting YouTube videos to MP3 and download them to your computer. Here are some of the best known:

  • Peggo (also works with SoundCloud)
  • TheYouMP3
  • VidToMp3
  • Anything2Mp3
  • ClipConverter
  • SaveFrom
  • YTMP3

The big question now is to know what will happen to the pages that appear in the top list . Do not forget that they offer exactly the same as I would not be surprised if they end up in the same way in a few months.