Risks that can occur with power outages

It need not be winter to have stormy weather and potential power outages. Summer brings some pretty wild storms as well. Whether it’s bad weather or other issues that cause the power to go out, living without electricity can cause serious disruption.

Temperature extremes can be dangerous, whether it’s a heat wave or freezing conditions. Without access to heating or air-conditioning / fan, a power outage can wreak havoc with health, especially for risk groups such as children, the elderly or those with serious health conditions. Severe temperature can cause problems that can result in hospitalization and even death.

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Food poisoning

With no ability to cool or freeze, food can quickly go off. If you consume food that has not been kept correctly, you are at greater risk of contracting food poisoning from bacteria like salmonella, for example. Business and community health services will need to rely on a generator to protect food from spoiling. For help with your Gas Generator, visit a site like Gener-g, experts in Gas Generator services.


When dealing with life without electricity, we could end up doing things we would not normally do and in the dark! You could be moving debris from the outside of your home, trying to operate the generator or help neighbours with household chores. There is an increased chance of injury when operating outside of your normal responsibilities.

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Have a backup plan

Even if you think a blackout is not something that will affect you and just something you see on the news, you never know!