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The Panto is in Preston, “Oh No it isn’t, Oh Yes, it is”!

Children and adults alike love the annual outing and pilgrimage to the outrageous, overacted, hilarious local Pantomime.  If you do love this eccentric, crazy form of entertainment and are already asking What are the Pantos in Preston this year?  Don’t worry, the Panto Preston production team, actors and actresses are already in full rehearsal for their next jaw dropping, side splitting spectacular.  From Aladdin to Jack and the Beanstalk from Cinderella to Dick Whittington, Puss in Boots and Snow-white with her seven dwarfs the different Pantomimes are always well received and very well-rehearsed.

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With their outrageously colourful costumes, audience and cast sing-a-longs, daft jokes, shouts of “He’s behind You” and “Oh No it isn’t” and “Oh Yes it is” the afternoon or evening spent watching a traditional pantomime is one that will be remembered and talked about for a long time afterwards.  From Family members, groups of friends, special School outings and Christmas treats the pantomime draws a crowd of excited audiences who are more than happy to join in with all the hilarious antics.

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From the cumbersome Cow in Jack and the Beanstalk, to the crafty black cat in Puss in Boots and the mice that are transformed into horses to pull the golden carriage in Cinderella, Pantomime animals are an intricate part of the Show and are used to add extra comedy and create laughter.  What better way to indulge family and friends than with the gift of tickets to the next locally produced pantomime?

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