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What are the benefits of drone filming

Drone filming is a radical new form of camera work that has been a revelation for filmmakers and documentary makers the world over. These small hovering remote-control robots have been able to produce shots and camera angles that would have been considered inconceivable just a few short years ago. Drones are a truly revolutionary form of camera as they can easily place themselves into intimate areas of buildings and film sets so that new angles and visions of films can be created.

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Drone Filming, from an artistic point of view, allows actors to be able to perform in a more naturalistic way. In the past cameramen would have had to follow the actors either on a rail or with a steady cam unit strapped to themselves. With a drone, they are able to film the action remotely, allowing the actors the space to perform.

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In terms of documentary-making, drones have been able to gain access to inaccessible cave areas that were previously completely impossible. It also means that drones have been able to access areas that would be unsafe for human beings.  This has given us fantastic panoramic shots of cave interiors that haven’t been viewed in centuries or even at all. It’s very clear that drone filming will be a major part of our cinematic and television viewing experience for many years to come. They’re also making their way onto the residential market so that we can have a go ourselves

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