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Six home cinema considerations

Looking to add a touch of luxury to a larger home? Creating a home cinema room, ideal for entertaining movie-mad guests or for a private haven for home screening, doesn’t have to be overly complex or expensive. There’s plenty to consider when it comes to that seamless cinema experience – so here are our key considerations:
Dedicated room vs. multi-purpose space

Determine if your cinema room will exclusively serve as a movie haven or have multi-purpose functionality. Seating capacity, layout and equipment placement will all depend on this decision.

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Design the room to optimise viewing angles, screen size, and speaker placement. Seating positions should provide a comfortable viewing angle, typically between 33-40 degrees for an immersive experience. For those seeking home cinema installation London, professional assistance is available.

TV vs. projector

Choose between a TV or projector screen based on your preferences. Consider your room size, lighting conditions and budget. Projectors offer larger screens, but a well-chosen TV can also deliver exceptional results. Read more on the pros and cons here.


Plan for soundproofing to prevent noise from disturbing other parts of the house. When considering home cinema installation in London or other built-up areas, giving thought to soundproofing is key to avoid irritating the neighbours.

Select materials that absorb sound, such as acoustic boards and carpet tiles. Consider speaker placement for optimal surround sound.


Conceal speakers and cabling for a polished look. Upholstered walls and furniture aid in sound absorption. Choose furnishings based on comfort and room usage, whether for formal viewing or for multi-purpose entertainment.

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Costs vary based on the level of sophistication. A basic setup can start from £2,000 to £3,000. A more versatile room with a projector, screen and surround sound begins at around £10,000. For a super high-end experience, investments can reach hundreds of thousands.

Whatever decisions you make, your home cinema room promises endless hours of entertainment and relaxation. And whether it’s for hosting a family movie night or a cinematic event, a well-thought-out home cinema room is an asset to any home.

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