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Benefits of having “A Back Up Plan”

Just like in the 2010 American Romantic Comedy “The Back Up Plan” it helps to have a second option when things go wrong or the power goes out.  Having a Generator Rental contract could be the simple solution to any electrical power losses.  The hilariously funny film starring Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez portrays Jennifer as “Zoe” a single woman, desperate to find love and have a baby who decides to proceed with artificial Insemination and become a single Mum.  The day of the treatment Zoe meets Stan (Alex) and they end up going out on a bad date where he spills her wine and a fire breaks out!

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Stan persuades a reluctant Zoe to give him another chance and visit his farm where they end up spending the night together.  When Zoe realises, she is already pregnant by the artificial procedure she undertook earlier she confesses the truth to Stan who is confused and angry.  After a big fight Zoe leaves the Farm but they later reconcile and the pair go to the Doctor together where they find out Zoe is expecting twins!

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Stan orders a double buggy ready for the birth of the babies but makes a flippant remark to an ex-girlfriend about them not being his which badly upsets Zoe, who then asks him to leave thinking he is not ready to be a Dad. When the double buggy arrives, Zoe realises that Stan is going to be a good Dad, she gives birth to twin girls, reconciles with him, Stan asks her to marry him, she agrees and finds out she is pregnant with his baby.

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