How e-commerce businesses should use banner ads

How e-commerce businesses should use banner ads

When you run an ecommerce business, it’s vital to have excellent online marketing campaigns that target your customers and encourage them to click through to your landing pages, website or app. So how can you use HTML banner ads to support your marketing objectives? Let’s take a closer look.

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What is an e-commerce banner?

E-commerce banners are digital HTML banner ads that look great and interact with the viewer, using video, animation, graphics and other design elements including text. They are there to facilitate engagement and drive conversions of targeted users, whilst supporting overall user experience (UX).

Designing good HTML banner ads for e-commerce is difficult, which is why most businesses use professional designers such as to ensure the right mix of visual appeal and attraction, and smooth UX.

Where should e-commerce businesses place ads?

When e-commerce businesses develop HTML banner ads, they can place them in a variety of locations, including search engines, social media platforms, news sites and websites. The best location will depend on the target user and the budget.

Within each page, there are also options for placement that include the top of the page or above the line, the middle of the page and the side bars. Again, performance varies according to the location.

How do I know if my campaign is successful?

Digital marketers will use analytics data to assess whether their banner ads are having the desired effect. This will mean carrying out strategies such as A/B testing to see which version of HTML banner ads is working best for the target audience, checking click data and adjusting campaigns so that the budget is being used to best effect.

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Follow these steps and your business can benefit from banner ads and see growth in online traffic as a result!