Marketing content resources to build trust and brand awareness

Marketing content resources to build trust and brand awareness

Content marketing has become an indispensable practice within the marketing strategy of companies. 87% of B2B uses social networks to promote their content, using an average of 5 platforms.

B2B companies currently spend 26% of their marketing budget to its content strategy, and more than half of them plans to increase its investment in the next 12 months.

LinkedIn is the most used social platform to share content for these companies (76%), just twice as Facebook (38%). Meanwhile, Twitter is in second place (59%), especially due to its potential as a broadcast channel.

Marketing content resources to build trust and brand awarenessB2B companies emphasize the role of LinkedIn when establishing new business contacts, highlighting their ability to make themselves known to new customers and generate new business opportunities. This network for professionals listed first when it comes to seeking information relevant to their business, followed by SlideShare and YouTube . In this case, Twitter and Facebook are relegated to the background. Despite the big bet by the B2B on LinkedIn, Facebook remains the social network par excellence, a reality that can not be ignored, and that forces them to bear it in mind in their social activity.

Why companies should practice marketing content?

It helps build trust. A decisive when users opt for one brand or another factor. It also helps to improve online visibility, and thus its brand image.

Their actions result in lead generation. Quality content attracts users who subscribe on their own initiative, in order to expand the information.

Creates a stronger link with the subscribers. These users interested closely follow the publications of the mark, are attentive to their news and consider it as a reference in the field.

Encourages interactions. Contacts interact with the brand, share their questions and concerns, and recommended in your environment to this source of quality.

This is achieved by adding value, creating really interesting, creative and useful pieces.

For these companies share information and interact through social networks is a prerequisite for generating business activity. 72% of customers considered that social networks offer useful information to make their purchasing decisions. This makes the 53% follow closely social conversation, something that serves to learn more about the product or service in which you are interested. 1 in 4 customers direct contact with the leaders in the sector through Social Media, while 14% of companies using this route is also directed.

What kind of content use B2B in its strategy?

The white papers are the format works best. 82% use it to generate leads and position itself as a benchmark in the sector, with 79% developing studies, articles for blogs (72%) or e-Books (61%). Quality information is always well appreciated.

Apart from the written content, 73% of companies organizes webinars, videos (66%) interactive presentations (49%) and infographics (63%). Podcasts are less used format (21%).

Definitely, Social Media are an effective channel to generate online visibility, must attract the target audience. Thanks to the marketing strategy content brands can also gain the trust of your target and position as a reference in its sector.