Types of designs for table linens

Types of designs for table linens

The soul of the celebrations, banquets star that shines and the letter of our culinary delights. While some years ago the tablecloths served a purely functional role, now will not only help us protect this furniture, but are also useful to define the decorative style we want for the dining room. Hence the importance of choosing the right one for every occasion and best suited to our table. Why then we talk about different types of designs of this textile piece.

As mentioned above, it has not always been given the importance it deserves the tablecloth. A few decades ago there were hardly any options on the market, and the criteria for purchase are basically limited to the tissue and the size. However, now we find a wide variety of alternatives ranging from the traditional to the most creative.

Types of designs for table linensTips for choosing the right table tablecloth

There are many factors to consider when buying a tablecloth for our table: the type of fabric, how to wash, colors, etc. First, we must decide what look you want to achieve, it is very different from a tablecloth suitable for elegant parties (tone and sober forms), for informal meetings (with drawings and funny reasons) or for day to day (combinable with other decoration).

In the first case, when looking for a sophisticated touch, we found several interesting options. One of the most common is the tablecloth smooth, easy to match almost any decor. The black and purple are ideal for this, especially if We combine these two colors using dishes and napkins. On the other hand, details embroidery are also ideal in this regard.

Called themed tablecloths, meanwhile, are ideal for informal parties or just for the day, as they provide a fun and original look to our home. Currently, and for the summer season, they are trend tablecloths with natural motifs such as flowers and plants, as well as vivid colors and fruits.

As for the size of the tablecloth, its dimensions must exceed the table in a third of its height on each side, at least. To calculate this, we need to measure the surface and the height of the table, and add the resulting two – thirds to ensure that it covers the space well and fall on either side. If the table is round, measure the diameter of the same and follow the same process.

Regarding the fabric, we can choose from a remarkable variety. The plasticized tablecloths are a classic addition to economical and readily adaptable to all surfaces. The most important thing is that the plastic is flexible and does not wrinkle. One of its advantages is that they are easy to clean and very resistant.

The tablecloths gummed are a similar alternative to the above, and very popular today.Soft and comfortable texture, we meet all kinds of prints. Protect the table any food or liquid, and are easily cleaned by simply using a damp cloth. They also tend to be suitable for machine washing.

For a more elegant touch is a better alternative cotton and linen, with the disadvantage that wrinkle more easily. Some designs mixed polyester fabric with this, in order to stay smooth longer. The thread, on the other hand, is perfect to combine with traditional decor, especially if it is white. Embroidery, bobbin lace drawings, lace and other details, are common in this kind of tablecloth.

A good idea is to develop ourselves these reasons, personalizing this add and making it unique. In this sense, the crochet can serve as an ideal complement to the tablecloth, as long as it is smooth. In addition, we can combine various shapes and colors.

What do you think these types of designs for table linens?