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Is a TV aerial your landlord’s responsibility?

It can often be confusing as to which areas of maintenance are your responsibility when you are renting a property and which your landlord should deal with. One topic that comes up regularly is whether the TV aerial is the landlord’s responsibility, especially if there is not one at the property or it requires fixing or upgrading.

Is a TV aerial your landlord's responsibility

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Times are changing and the way in which we are watching television is adapting, with more people moving away from the traditional aerial, dish or cable to viewing programmes on the internet. This could mean there is no aerial, or that it has been disconnected, when you move into a new rental property.

Is the landlord responsible?

In simple terms, the landlord will not be obligated to carry out any services in relation to the TV aerial as laid out in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1983 Section 11. This highlights elements that are excluded from the implied obligation of the landlord to repair them.

The landlord is obligated to ensure that gas, electricity, water and sanitation supplies are repaired and in working order; however, this does not extend to other appliances, fixtures or fittings to make use of these, except for sinks, baths, basins and toilets.

This means that neither the tenant nor the landlord has an obligation to repair any element, apart from those covered by the tenant’s obligation to treat the property in the correct manner.

Having a TV aerial installed

If you are looking for a company to carry out a Cheltenham TV aerial installation or repair, it might be worthwhile contacting your landlord first to see what they expect you to do. Often they will carry out a repair themselves, pay for a new one to be installed, or cover part of the cost as a gesture of goodwill.

The TV point or aerial might be included in your letting agreement; for example, if the aerial was already in the property when you moved in and has since broken, this could mean the landlord is responsible for resolving it when you are wondering who can help me install an aerial in Cheltenham?

The question of responsibility concerning TV aerials is not a straightforward matter. If you are at all worried about your particular situation, you should speak directly to your landlord.

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