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The T-Rex is reborn with the new technology of Audi

The most feared being on the planet … one whose roar shook the hearts of thousands of victims whose footsteps lay ahead the arrival of a cruel and fatal to their lives destiny and those of their loved ones … is the new star of Audi. Millions of years then the almighty Tyrannosaurus Rex passed away, like their reign of terror. But what if he had survived and reached our days? Surely he had not resisted driving the new Audi.

The German car firm presents us with the launch of its innovative vehicle, a funny video which shows us an alternate universe in which the prehistoric predator Titanic survived the great catastrophe until our days. At present, the saurian not been able to resist mounted on the back of the new Audi and test their endurance on the road.

The T-Rex is reborn with the new technology of AudiT-Rex testing the new technology of Audi

This car, driven by singular character, brings us the technology of the future in our hands, something that has not been seen so far on the road. No wonder its improvement and efficiency in each shift, since the prestigious German company has been testing its equipment for more than 15 years, more than enough time to take care to the smallest detail.

Is so powerful technological apparatus, to the very Tyrannosaurus Rex feels more alive than ever notice how your engine roars road. The idea is that this innovation in the automotive world allows future models of Audi drive autonomously without the help of a driver. Therefore, the saurian feared feels so comfortable in his seat, without the need to deposit their short tips on the wheel.

Similarly, through last generation systems such as Adaptive cruise control Audi or Audi Traffic Jam Assist will have intelligent driver assistance systems through which the user should not worry about making any maneuver inside. It seems science fiction movie, does not it?

Audi is doing reality with the idea of marking a turning point in the motor world, unthinkable until now. The Tyrannosaurus Rex made history, now the German company also wants to make his mark with this new creation.

What about you? Are you ready to hear the roar of this new monster of the road? Prepare to shake and live an unimaginable experience …

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