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Custom designed flooring for gyms – the options

Gym flooring is an essential element of any successful leisure facility and it’s important to consider your options carefully when launching or redeveloping a centre. Rather than being left until the end and considered as an afterthought, the type of flooring you’re going to have should be one of the early decisions you make.

Custom designed flooring for gyms - the options

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Why choose custom designed flooring?

More UK consumers than ever before are now members of a gym, with rates increasing by 5.3%, to 9.2 million between March 2015 and March 2016. There has also been an increase in the amount of competition between sites, with 224 new private or public fitness centres opening over the same period, so new and existing gyms need to stand out to attract more users.

One of the ways you can do so is by choosing custom designed gym flooring to give your site a real visual impact when people walk in.

This enables you to select different colours for the various areas – such as the cardio equipment or weights zones, as well as the fitness studios. Each area will have its own requirements and flooring can be adapted to suit all of these, so you don’t have to compromise.

The flooring, whether you choose rubber flooring rolls, floor tiles or vinyl flooring, can be designed with your own company logo, to increase branding across the site. This creates a premium feel, creating the impression that the fitness centre is an upmarket brand and encouraging more people to take up membership.

Budget considerations

As with all areas of design, gym flooring is available to suit a range of budgets and can be sourced through a number of online suppliers, such as ukflooringdirect.co.uk.

When you’re selecting the best flooring for your gym, you need to factor in the overall cost, as well as the quality and durability of the product. A more expensive product might provide better value for money in the long term, as it will last longer and offer better protection for your equipment, which is key to the success of your centre.

As you can see, gym flooring really is a more critical factor than you may have realised and custom designed flooring can offer your gym a range of benefits, enhancing the gym’s look and increasing the number of members.

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