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Top Struggles When Working from Home

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the world just how important technology can be for helping us stay connected. Without the internet, many of us would have been a lot more lonely than we were already. The pandemic also made the home the new workplace for many as people who normally work in offices were sent home to stay safe from Covid-19, completing their work from their home computers. For people who haven’t worked from home, working from home can make them think of someone getting paid to be in their pyjamas all day, and working when they want to. This isn’t wholly true and working from home can actually bring a whole new set of obstacles to overcome that aren’t in the office.

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  1. No one respects the fact that you are working. Family and friends will think that just because you are at home, you are free. They will call you to chat, pop by, ask to meet up, and ask you for favours all on days you are working. You know they wouldn’t do any of this if you were in office. Perhaps the solution to this is to tell people you are working, but not specify that you’ll be working from home!
  2. Slow wi-fi and laptop troubles! Laptops and computers are expensive, so if you already have one, you’re going to want to make the most of it, even if it’s on its last legs. If your laptop or internet is slow, it can make completing work very difficult, and you will work less efficiently. Make sure to inform your manager of this problem so they don’t think you are just working less. Also, upgrade your wi-fi plan with Vodafone Sligo if your internet is not fast enough.

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  1. Too many distractions. It can be tempting when working from home to eat, listen to music, get a few household chores done, cook, eat some more, etc. and then you realise your whole day is done and you haven’t done as much work as you should have. Make sure to be strict with yourself and work as if you were in the office.

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