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Why Consider a Co-Working Space?

Co-working has seen a steady rise in popularity. Traditionally, sharing office space was seen as a cost-effective way for freelancers to network and benefit from an office environment, but recently small businesses and start-ups are also seeing the advantages.

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Flexible Commitments

Taking on a lease for office space is a big commitment both financially and professionally, as it requires predicting your business’s future, which can be risky. Co-working offices offer short leases and single desk hire, and many offer the ability to upgrade or downgrade or even change location depending on their circumstances.


If renting a space within an office, this is a lot more cost-effective than renting an entire floor. For new start-up companies, this is a great way to test the waters and help decide what space may be required going forward.

Most co-working office spaces are in central locations and have good transport links for employers, their staff and clients. The cost of renting space in city locations can be at a premium, but co-working offers affordable rent in prime sites. Companies offering offices to let Basingstoke have some good deals. And Basingstoke offices to let offer great facilities in a great location.

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The current uncertainty amongst businesses caused by Brexit is being blamed for many organisations relocating or downsizing.


One of the key benefits of co-working is the ability to meet new people and work with them and their business. Forging new business contacts and sharing knowledge can prove very valuable and worthwhile. For workers who have been running their business from home, going into an office environment is a great way to focus the mind and separate home life from work life.


One of the biggest benefits of sharing a office is the cost saving on essential facilities such as internet access, office parking, maintenance, office furniture and meeting rooms which can hired on demand. Office equipment, such as copiers and telephone connections, is also available – saving money and time.

Virtual Office

If a business is not yet ready to take on office space, it is possible to use a business centre which handles telephone calls and post and offers meeting room hire, even though no staff are permanently based there. Using an office address is a good idea, as it gives your business a professional image.


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