Ways to easily add value to your property

Ways to easily add value to your property

When it comes to selling our homes, we all want to make as much money as possible. Our home may be a palace to us; however, to ensure someone else thinks the same, there are a few things we can do to help it sell for a bit more without costing an arm and a leg.

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Deep clean

Simple yet effective, this will impress potential buyers. Include the corners when cleaning and put away any toys or things that do not need to be on show. Forbes says that cleaning your house can add three to five per cent to the value.


As with any niggling little jobs that you just haven’t got around to yet, ensure that there are no big problems. This could be replacing your kitchen units that are worn and looking dated. A quick call to a Kitchen Fitters Essex way will see your units replaced in no time as you don’t want them to put potential buyers off. Balance and Co Kitchen Fitters in Essex specialise in being able to help people out no matter the size of the project.


No one wants to buy a home that still looks as though it belongs to someone else; instead, we all need to be able to visualise ourselves living there. If you are a lover of bright walls, paint them a more neutral shade. Remove all those family photos and other knick-knacks, and generally make it look more like a show house.

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Street appeal

The first thing your prospective buyers will see is the outside of your house. First impressions count, so make sure it passes muster. Free your garden from clutter, such as toys and garden implements. Clear the weeds and sweep the path. Consider repainting or re-rendering if the outside is looking a bit tired. Mend the gate if necessary; if it squeaks, oil it.

Local market

Check what is happening in your area – such as the type of buyers and what the people who buy your type of property are looking for – and try to fit in. A local estate agent will be able to help with this.


The stairs get a lot of wear and tear and can be one of the first things to start to show their age. Even if you don’t have a wooden staircase, consider fitting a stair runner. This is a great way to smarten up your staircase. Remember to paint the edges of the staircase in a suitable colour, depending on the colour of your walls and the runner.