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The economic benefits of concrete pumping trucks

The ability to mix concrete while transporting it to the site at which it’s needed has revolutionised the building industry. Previously, concrete mixing was a laborious, manual task which took a long time and often held up other tasks on site. Now, a concrete mixing truck can arrive at the site, with the concrete ready to be pumped.

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The vehicles are especially suitable for large volumes. In fact, the greater the volume, the greater the savings that can be achieved. A large truck can pump concrete at 150 cubic yards each hour. But there are other cost advantages too.

Lower labour costs

Concrete pumping vehicles can drive to the exact position where the concrete is needed, and accurately position the pump, to deliver the material accurately and economically. The process is much less labour-intensive than using concrete dump trucks. This is partly because the concrete doesn’t need to have extra materials added, to enhance its quality. So there is far less involvement of labour. Clients are able to specify the exact type of concrete mix they require, and it is delivered to site exactly as specified.

No bottlenecks in the project plan

Because a concrete pumping truck arrives on site ready to deploy, there’s no hold-up with other, dependent tasks. The unloading time is much faster than with dump trucks and isn’t dependent on factors such as the weather.

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Efficient extending pumps

The pump vehicles generally have extensible pumps which means that if the vehicle is correctly positioned, it can reach several locations in succession without having to move. In addition, the extending pumps allow concrete to be delivered into areas that are hard to access.

This is a great advantage in health and safety terms because it reduces risky vehicle movements on site, and these are a leading cause of accidents, with the Health and Safety Executive issuing specific guidance for vehicle movements in construction – http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/safetytopics/mobileplant.htm

Local availability in the west

As for the availability of these sophisticated vehicles, the west of England can compete with the best of the country. When it comes to concrete pumping Gloucestershire http://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-services.php for example, is one of the places with excellent resources available.

These are powerful vehicles, so it’s always wise to check that the contractor you choose has trained and experienced staff, and is fully insured.

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