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How to safely stack your pallets

Stacking pallets properly and using safety principles can prevent many accidents in warehouses.

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Stacking a pallet properly

Stacking same-sized pallets allows for the most evenly distributed stack. This means there’s a lower chance the stack will shift or fall; it also leaves the smallest amount of space left over. If varying sizes of pallets exist, always put the largest one on the bottom level. Ensure that you stack together items of uniform size to prevent items from falling. You should also use proper lifting aids with double-stacked pallets and ensure that these are always the same width.

Obey height limitations

You should never stack pallets too high. This increases the risk of top pallets falling over, potentially injuring employees and becoming damaged.

Don’t overload the pallet stack

When heavy items are involved in pallet stacking, make sure you comprehend the exact weight limitation of the forklift or pallet jack. Surpassing it could be dangerous.

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You will want to ensure that you have the correct equipment and machinery for moving pallets and you can find some get Used Plant Machinery include forklifts for this exact job at places like  https://www.ironandearth.co.uk/

The government has supplied advice on stacking timber and board materials.

If varying weights of pallets or other items are in use, put the heaviest one at the bottom of the stack. Doing this makes for a stable base that has a lower centre of gravity. Make sure that the load of double-stacked pallets doesn’t surpass the maximum weight requirements of the manufacturer.

Stack pallets evenly

Pallets should be stacked evenly without edges poking out at the sides as uneven stacking means a greater chance of falling. Weight should be properly distributed to avoid goods shifting. Forklift collisions may cause damage if forklifts bump objects that are protruding out of the stack and cause it to topple.

Look out for damaged pallets and loose materials

Never reuse pallets that are damaged. They aren’t durable or stable and may cause worker injuries if they contain protruding nails and splintered areas. When pallet stacking, watch out for loose parts that might get snagged; double-stacked pallets need extra care. Employ plastic banding and wrapping to make pallets secure.

Train staff in safety techniques

Training is vitally important for employees using equipment like pallet jacks, forklifts and pallet pumps. Manual handling issues and equipment handling techniques are necessary.

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