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How to choose a secure password?

Today almost all of our data is on the Internet. Therefore it is very important that you note that you must be well protected against any possible cyber attack, which are becoming more frequent.

And how can you protect yourself? Through your password. A good password, strong and confident, will help you avoid these attacks. According to recent studies, and incredibly, millions of people still use passwords like ‘12345678’ or ‘password’.


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Create a strong password is very easy, so just follow these steps:

At least eight characters: It is recommended length for establishing a secure password. In addition, it is important that contains digits, letters and special characters, and even the letters randomly alternate case.

Use a different password for each account: Imaginative someone gets hold of your password, which is what you use for all your accounts. You will have direct access to all your profiles! For Google, assign the same password for all online accounts is how to use the same key to lock your house, your car and your office. Therefore, preferably use a different password for each account.

Do not use personal data: Think they are more naked than you think (for example, your Facebook profile sure you have your date of birth) and using all we get is put facilities hackers.

Change passwords regularly: It is a way for cyber criminals are the most difficult to gaining access to your data. You also need to configure password recovery and keep them updated.

Check password: If you use strong passwords, all your accounts and your information will be more protected. There are websites that help you know if your password is secure; You can try to see if you’re doing well, or if instead, you need to think of other keys.

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