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How to Organise a Charity Event

Holding a charity event is a great way to raise funds for a charity, as well as raising awareness of the charity and what it does. So, if this is something that you are planning to do and didn’t know where to start, here are a few things to think about that will get you going with your charity event…

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The first thing that you need to work out is how much you hope to raise and that the amount spent on the event is not more than you will raise so be realistic about this.  At this stage it is a good idea to contact the local community as people may be happy to volunteer, as well as local businesses who might sponsor the event or donate prizes.

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When organising your event be sure to make sure you comply with laws and regulations – particularly if there may be covid restrictions – it is a good idea to contact your local council and check out your plans, as well as making sure you have licenses such as a license to serve alcohol, and any facilities such as event medical cover from somewhere like OMS.

Make sure that you spread the word about your event and get as many people informed as possible – there are lots of ways you can do this, from local media such as the radio and newspapers to social media. The more people who know about your event the better!

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