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Same Day Couriers. The modern day Pony Express

We depend on the opportunity to get things we need delivered as quickly as possible in today’s hectic life and fast-paced work schedule. Nothing new is the idea of a fast reliable delivery service and a Same Day Courier Reading company such as UKTDL can handle a number of different parcel types and sizes for their customers.  A delivery service known as the ‘Pony Express’ was established back in 1860 in North America and became the country’s first fast delivery service, even if it was short-lived. If you haven’t learned a few fascinating details about the Pony Express before, you may be interested in reading them.

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On 3 April 1860, with one rider leaving St Joseph Missouri with a mail bag containing 49 letters, 5 telegrams and a number of other papers and documents, the ‘Pony Express’ was launched and he headed in a westerly direction. At the same time, a rider left Sacramento 2000 miles away with a similar option of things to deliver and headed in an easterly direction.

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Missouri to Kansas was the route set up for distribution, then on to Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and eventually to Utah and Nevada before ending in Sacramento. Around 150 stations were established along the road, each with a station manager employed to distribute products and look after the horses.


The riders used to fly to cover the 1966-mile path at around 10 miles per hour and would ride late into the evening. It took them about 10 days to cross eight of the modern-day American states. This was much quicker than a stagecoach and the travel time could potentially be decreased by at least half.

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