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Are transgenic foods safe? This is what science tells us

Surely you’ve heard of genetically modified foods and know all the controversy that raise them, especially since it is the first genetically modified animal available for human consumption. Today we analyze the available evidence on the GM and tell you what they are and whether they are safe or not for our body.

What is a transgenic food?

A transgenic food is a food handled by genetic engineering with the aim of expressing therein a new feature or changing any previously existing feature.

Are transgenic foods safe This is what science tells usSo, what culture or traditional breeding can not change in a food may be achieved by modifying or introducing DNA, RNA or proteins in an organism.

Since the 80 transgenic exist and are the result of genetic modifications that have allowed extend the life of certain crops or food, increase the vitamin content or reduce the amount of toxic substances in some ingredients or improve the resistance of certain crops Or animals to diseases.

Knowing this, it is clear that transgenic foods generate doubts in the consumer regarding their safety, since it is a non-natural food, genetically modified by human action and using for this, DNA portions of other living organisms or simply removing portions of the Genome of an animal or plant.

Are transgenics safe?

The trasngénicos are the origin of a particular interest: increase productivity when getting food, but what good would if they were not fit and safe for human consumption?

Since transgenic foods have been with us for only 30 years, there are not many studies that have been able to confirm their safety and not a few that do not yet conclude. However, they have not identified risks directly related to GM crops after analyzing the scientific literature more than 10 years.

On the other hand, many GM crops are as safe and nutritious than the same non – GM crops, such as corn, soybeans and rice. While we should not stop saying that many investigations are conducted by companies that market these crops, which may be a reason for such conclusions lose reliability.

Similarly, so far there is no evidence showing insecurity or negative effects of consuming GM, but instead more and more studies that show that these foods are not harmful to human health nor to environment.

If we only rely on the available scientific evidence so far we can say that GMOs are safe and are part of the food that nowadays are produced for specific purposes, either for the production and the marketing and consumption.

However, further studies and research on this subject will always be welcome to help us rely on the product of genetic engineering as food for human consumption.

And you, what do you think about transgenics?

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