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Treatments for urinary incontinence

The urinary incontinence is a health problem that affects more than six million people, with a condition that occurs especially among women. Specifically, nearly one in four women (5 million) have involuntary loss of urine. In this article we will see treatments for urinary incontinence.

Despite this high prevalence, one out of three people who suffer from urinary incontinence has never consulted their problem with a doctor, considering it as a normal problem associated with age or embarrassment. This problem not only affects the quality of life of the individual, but also family, sexual and relationship.Hence, the first step is put aside shame in fighting urinary incontinence. To do this, you must trust the gynecologist, because it is the specialist who is responsible for diagnosing and treating the problem, introduce possible effective and safe solutions that exist for the treatment of urinary incontinence and how they adapt to each patient.

Treatments for urinary incontinenceIt must insist on the need for urinary incontinence longer a taboo subject and that the persons concerned and with the first signs come to the consultation to learn about the treatments that currently exist. After proper diagnosis, targeted treatment can get the improvement and even complete cure of the problem.

Symptoms of urinary incontinence

But what are the symptoms that warn us of the existence of urinary incontinence : wet underwear with urine inadvertently release a minimum when sneezing or laughing amount, or have uncontrollable desire to go to the bathroom and not reach arrive.

It should be noted that urinary incontinence is not a disease in itself , but a consequence of other changes that are happening in our body. For that reason, we must always take into account its presence and not let that annoying, but preventable, drip from a mild state to a much more severe that yes that greatly alter our quality of life.

Treatments to control urinary incontinence

At present, there are very effective techniques in the treatment of urinary incontinence, such as mesh or surgical slings, offering a high efficiency above 90%. Furthermore, it is a simple procedure which in many cases requires no hospital admission and by which a material is placed in a hammock, which allows support the urethra and strengthen tissues that are weak. Thanks to this technique allowed regain bladder control.

Another treatment  that is increasingly used is botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox , which proved a very effective method against urinary incontinent, as already happens in other problems such as migraines. Injected into the bladder, Botox is as effective as drugs for the treatment of urinary incontinence. In addition, according to some studies, this treatment is twice as likely to end the symptoms.

In any case, they are doctors who must assess the options treatment  and make recommendations based on the individual needs of each patient.

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