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Innovative flooring solutions for commercial premises

Flooring in a commercial space is incredibly important. Not only should it look good, but it also needs to be durable and functional. There are a number of new and innovative options for commercial enterprises to consider. Gone are the days when choice was limited and colours were drab!

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Vinyl flooring has become a very popular option for commercial entities, and this flooring has had a makeover in recent years and is now available in numerous shades and styles. Technology is changing the way people view their floors and the functions they serve, and vinyl and wood pulp are just two of the new ways to create a floor that is attractive and highly functional. The following options also offer an innovative way to cover or create a floor that is durable and long-wearing yet aesthetically pleasing.

Floating Floors

Floating floors are an innovative way to protect a floor whilst creating a hard wearing top surface for people to walk on. Floating floors do not damage the floor underneath and can be made by using floating plank technology that allows for wooden planks to interlock into one another and create a solid, protective surface that looks good. Art galleries, museums and other historical building that welcome large volumes of people will find floating floors ideal.

Interlocking Floors

Websites can point you in the direction of the best type of interlocking floors for your requirements. Interlocking floors are quick and easy to install and come in a variety of different finishes, from wood planks to rubber tiles. Many commercial environments, such as hospitals and clinics, have chosen interlocking floors because there is minimum disruption, they can be replaced or removed easily, and they are very easy to clean and keep sterile. A Commercial Cleaning Company Cheltenham would know all about how to keep flooring clean and could help with any other cleaning needs you may have.

In-Floor Cable and Wire Management Systems

A commercial enterprise such as a casino, a bank, office or government building will need meters of cables run to ensure seamless operations. In-floor cable and wire management is an effective solution for entities that need to run huge numbers of cables as they can be routed through trench headers and hidden under the floor. This is a sustainable, durable and safe way to keep cables out of harm’s way and create a floor that serves a dual purpose.

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