Asia Traveling
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Traveling through Asia

In some countries require you to have the vaccine against yellow fever (for travelers from Africa or Latin America). Other vaccines may request you are hepatitis, typhoid, polio, Japanese encephalitis, rabies and tetanus. It should be borne in mind that health conditions in much of Asia are not good, therefore, beware of mosquitoes and always drink bottled water. Travel insurance that you hire should be covered in the countries you visit, you will not have problems if you get sick.

If you want to tour Asia in a year you have to know that there are very affordable areas such as Southeast, and others that will be more expensive, like Japan, for example. Everything also depends on the amenities look, eat and where to sleep, but generally speaking, is not very expensive trip across the continent. Pay attention because each country has its own currency and not everywhere you can pay by credit card.

Hotels are not always available and there can be rather expensive, especially in big cities. Those traveling to Asia can do as backpackers, for example. The most convenient are the “guest houses”, but private rooms with shared bathroom, often at a great price.

On transport of Asia, you can do auto stop, go by public transport, plane, train or boat. The options are endless. Then go see the times and prices. Fail to do so at night to save some money on accommodation.

More tips for traveling around Asia

Beyond the advice you read before, it is good to know these tips to tour Asia :

Shopping on your tour of Asia

Since everything is very cheap, the tour Asia is likely to want to buy many things. However, it is necessary to dose. First, because the bags grows in size and weight, and second, because it may be better to use that money to eat or sleep better.

Many travelers carry their backpack with essentials and go shopping for clothes on the way , especially since the weather is warm and the clothing that is achieved there will be according to the temperatures and customs. In turn, there are per parcel shipping services from different cities so you can go lighter. If sent by ship, but takes longer, it is more economical than the plane. The art of haggling is allowed in most countries you visit.

Asia Traveling
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Unplanned places to tour Asia

One of the tips that will offer those who have traveled to Asia is that while it is good to be organized, the place will surprise you at every turn. It is important to leave some “random” once you’ve satisfied with the basics. Flexibility is vital in such as extensive travel, because the unexpected are the order of the day. Have a schedule in mind, but feel free to change it if the situation warrants.

It is also good to inform yourself a little before traveling through Asia with respect to cultural and religious customs, to avoid problems. While tourists are often forgive some things, it is best to go prepared.

For example, in Southeast Asia the majority of the population is Muslim. This means you can not access certain sites with short sleeves clothing, women must cover their heads with a scarf, and demonstrations of affection with your partner, best left for intimacy. In other countries you have to leave your shoes outside before entering an establishment or curtsy when greeting.

Traveling Asia Learn and experience

You will not become a polyglot of the overnight, but to tour Asia is very important that you learn some words you might help. You can also write down in a notebook or mobile. Not all speak English, therefore, is to learn how to say hello, thank you, how much it costs, where it is (showing the map), if not, etc.

Meals, drinks, dances, traditions … everything is waiting for you in a fascinating place as Asia. Do not close to try new things, eat on the street, walk among the people, get some tourist routes, pay attention to what happens in a conveyance, learn all the time. Enjoy what you can and if you have the opportunity and are interested, please be writing down each of your adventures.

If you’re going to go Asia, do not forget to check how long you can stay in each country, and enjoy a journey that will mark you for life.