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Four Party-Season Buffet Ideas

The festive season is a time to gather your nearest and dearest and have a good old party. Whether it’s Channukah, Christmas, New Year, a birthday or anything in between, many of us have something to celebrate at this time of year. But as fun as it is, hosting your family and friends can feel a bit overwhelming when there is food, decorations, gifts and more to consider.

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A buffet is a great way to make sure that there is plenty to eat and that there is something for everyone. Buffets can also be easier to coordinate than a large sit-down meal, as many items can be prepared in advance. But what kind of food should you prepare for your festive feast? Here are four party-season buffet ideas to get your juices flowing.

Cold Buffet

This is what many people first think of when they hear the word ‘buffet’. Think tiny sandwiches, slices of pizza, cheese and crackers, crisps and dips and fresh salad. This style of buffet is probably the easiest to prepare, as everything can be made in advance and laid out on the table ready for when your guests arrive.

Hot Buffet

A hot buffet requires a little more organisation than a cold buffet, but the effort pays off when it’s cold outside and your guests are craving warming comfort food. Hot plates or a large oven will be helpful for this kind of buffet to ensure that everything stays warm until it’s served. Consider items such as French onion soup with croutons, hot game pie, pigs in blankets and hot mushroom vol au vents.

Spicy Buffet

For something a little more unusual, consider spiced samosas, chicken wings, Thai spiced fish cakes and cheese quesadillas. These can be served hot or cold but are guaranteed to provide some warmth on a cold day. Mexican luxury chilli sets are perfect for creating this kind of dish, as the range of different spices means that there will be something for everyone, regardless of their spice preference. Mexican luxury chilli sets are available from online retailers such as http://jimmyginger.co.uk/.

Dessert Buffet

If you’ve got your main meal covered, consider offering your guests a dessert buffet. From cookies to gateaux and profiteroles, pretty much any dessert is a success in miniature form, and a selection of puddings is guaranteed to keep even the grumpiest family member smiling.

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