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Pub Renovation Ideas

Budget Pub Renovation Ideas for 2016

Giving your pub a renovation, whether it’s through a number of small changes or a complete facelift, can be just what you need in a time of flagging sales and the looming quiet months of January to March. We take a quick look at the key trends in pub styles and how to achieve them without spending too much money.

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Classic Pub

Trends come and go, but if you want your décor to stand the test of time, making do with minimal do-overs each time, stick with a classic pub look. Working with what you have, change your lighting and music to create the right atmosphere and concentrate on keeping windows clean and flowers hanging outside. Keeping your bar as it is, but doing up your toilets will also go a long way to making it a classic contemporary pub rather than a run-down pub.

Vintage Industrial

This is a trend that’s been popular now for a few years, especially in cities. However the trend is fast becoming more commonplace in smaller towns and if you adopt it now you can guarantee it will have more than a few years of remaining stylish. The great thing about this trend is much of the furniture can be second-hand. Look out for junk specialists who have a large amount of old school or church chairs, in addition to leather sofas and vintage stools.

Buying second-hand furniture can help save money for essential appliances such as commercial freezers from firms like www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk and others, which ideally need to be purchased new. Another great thing about this trend is that you can use what you have – exposed brickwork and existing floorboards are ideal.

Heading Outdoors

Whilst it may not be used until the spring, any outdoor space you have can be transformed into seating/dining areas. Even during the winter months, smokers will head outdoors provided you have seating, lighting and heating solutions. If you have unused outdoor space this is a really effective way to create more areas for customers to use. If it’s a small courtyard area currently used for storing barrels, consider portioning some off to create a pleasant patio courtyard area.

The best way to save money on a pub refurbishment is to look at what you already have. Make the most of existing assets and space that is unused.

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