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Who Owns the Drains and What Drain issues to Look Out For

Underneath and around your home there are a network of drains, sewers and pipes that are helping to keep everything clean. Taking away wastewater is a key part of keeping yourself and your home free from disease – before these systems were in place many people were becoming ill and dying from illnesses resulting in dirty water, so ensuring that your drains and sewers are clean is very important for your health.

Upkeep of your drains and sewers is something that you need to be aware of, and also you need to know who is responsible for doing the maintenance and repairs to your drainage systems.

You are responsible for the gullies, drains and gutters that are in your home and around it, which are up to the boundary of your property. You can find where the property boundaries are on your deeds if you are unsure of this.

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If the drains are causing a problem but they are not within the boundary of anyone’s property, then they are the responsibility of the local authority to sort out. Problems with drains can occur for all sorts of reasons, and one of the most common is a blockage.

Drains can become blocked when things are put down that shouldn’t be – this includes substances like oils and fats, materials such as baby wipes, and debris from things like soaps and bath salts, as well as food debris.

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Knowing what can go down the drain is important to ensure that you keep your drains healthy, and it is also important to be aware of the signs that you have a problem with your drains so that you can get it sorted out by a professional like this drain jetting company www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-jetting/ as soon as possible before the damage worsens.

Bad smells that come from the plughole, as well as leaking water coming from drains, pests like drain flies and water that is not draining away very fast or at all are all signs that you are likely to have a drain blockage somewhere. Leaving this for too long can cause issues with the pipes as well as a risk to your health so do ensure that you report it as soon as possible if you suspect a problem.

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