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Easy Crafts to Try with Yarn

Yarn can be transformed into the most beautiful creations, whether using a full ball or leftover scraps. Handcrafted items can be used to decorate your home, create unique pieces of clothing, or even create one-off toys and accessories. There is a wealth of online inspiration for different projects and techniques that utilise the humble ball of yarn, perhaps one of the most important components of the crafting world.
Yarn is a continuous length of interlocking fibres. It can be used in knitting, macrame, embroidery and crochet projects. It can be made from natural or synthetic fibres, and it comes in a whole host of colours and weights.

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Yarn Ideas to Try

1.      Use leftover yarn to form simple braids which look great when used to attach personalised gift tags to presents.

2.      Use leftover scraps of yarn from crochet projects to craft individual pom poms. These can then be joined together to make a fun and stylish rug.

3.      Macrame leaf earrings add a touch of boho chic to any outfit and are quick and easy to make.

4.      Macrame yarn garlands make a great focal point for events and table gatherings. They take no time at all to make and are a great starter project.

5.      Get children involved in yarn crafts by wrapping a ring with yarn to create a beautiful seasonal wreath.

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Knitting, Macrame and Crochet Kits

Knitting, macrame and crochet Kits are a great way to start for those looking to dip their toe into the water of yarn crafts. They are suitable both for complete beginners and for intermediate levels and come with everything you need to start and complete a whole range of different projects. From blankets and scarves to toys and home accessories, there is sure to be a kit suitable for every preference.

Starting out in the world of yarn crafts need not be complicated or expensive. There are great craft project ideas involving little more than a simple ball of yarn. Keen crafters can expand their repertoire and kit over time, adding more skills as their confidence grows.

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