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What is an integrated appliance?

Integrated appliances are hidden behind the cupboard doors. They are made to fit into your kitchen cabinets. You can still access your equipment easily.

Beautiful Aesthetics

It’s a fact that washing machines, refrigerators and freezers are not usually beautiful. These are practical pieces of equipment you use to make your life easier, not works of art. While you may appreciate the aesthetics of handcrafted cabinets or granite countertops, your tumble dryer is unlikely to be a favourite. Your appliances can actually disrupt the flow of design in your kitchen.

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The appliances you want to use in your kitchen are almost impossible to match exactly. This makes it difficult to achieve the seamless finish you want. Integrated appliances allow you to achieve a seamless look and beautiful aesthetics. For an Integrated Fridge Freezer, visit https://www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/refrigeration/fridge-freezers/integrated-built-in

Mixing and matching appliances

Freestanding appliances can be difficult to choose from as they are easily visible. You will have to find models that look good together. Integrated appliances are hidden, so you can choose the one you want even if it looks radically different. You can also save money by taking advantage of on-sale appliances or graded appliances.

Open Plan Spaces

Open-plan homes are more visually appealing. A freestanding refrigerator in the kitchen may not bother you, but it is probably not what you would want to see when sitting on your sofa. If you have adjacent integrated appliances, they can help create a modern kitchen that complements the living space.

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Easy Cooking

Practicality and style are equally important when designing your kitchen. When you can, why not make life easier? Built-in ovens and stoves are not only beautiful, but they can be located anywhere and precisely where you want them. You can separate your hob from the oven if you want.

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