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Interesting facts about male baldness

Male baldness has been occurring for millenia and was thought of as a part of the natural ageing process for a man. However, there have been studies that have suggested that more and more men are starting to lose their hair and struggling with receding hairlines at an earlier age. There are ways that this can be rectified including the services of a Hair systems Cheltenham company that can give you realistic looking, natural hair that covers the areas that you have lost.

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Baldness isn’t just confined to men and it is thought that around 50% of women across the world will suffer from some form of baldness or hair thinning and receding. Systems to help women with replacement hair systems have been around for a long time and the male hair systems are now starting to catch up.

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Male pattern baldness can be as a result of your genetics on both your mother and father’s sides and as many as one in seven men may carry a gene that makes them more susceptible to baldness and hair thinning. This does not mean that it will definitely happen, but it increases its likelihood.


Whilst we can often think of losing your hair as an issue that appears in older age it is thought that around 25% of men across the world actually start to see the signs of receding hairlines and baldness before the age of 21!

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