Five considerations when selling your home

Selling your home for whatever reason can be a daunting task. There are hidden obstacles, unexpected costs and, for most, a long wait for the process to be complete. However, it is possible to make the ride less bumpy by preparing. Here are five areas to consider:

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Make your house problem-free

Most information on selling a house comes through the estate agent, but they will often request an evaluation of the property. Therefore, it is best to ensure that all those little chores that you have been putting off for years are completed. Making a property ready for the market means taking care of issues like mould, repainting some spaces if they are looking a bit tired or any other minor improvements that add to the look of your home.

Research your market

Make sure you understand the market at the time of selling. This will give you a good idea of expectations in terms of interest and value. It will also enable you to make comparisons with similar properties in your area. For up to date information on selling a house, you should look online and consult with an estate agent.

Select your estate agent

An estate agent is there to take care of the actual business of selling your property. They have more experience and information selling a house than you do, so their advice will prove invaluable. However, make sure you choose a well-established and reputable company who you know will have your best interests at heart.

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Naming your price

Although you will receive advice and guidance on the value of your property, it is generally up to you to name the price. You may have a particular target in mind for specific reasons, but be realistic. Any improvements done should be neutral as specific tastes may put off potential buyers. Buyers have their own ideas of cost and have their own budgets. Do not try to price too high as you want potential buyers coming to you and maybe offering above the initial asking price.

Completing the sale

Remember that a sale can take a long time if you are selling or you are waiting for a buyer as part of a chain. Be prepared for bargaining to take place, but do not bargain too hard as it might backfire and you could lose interested buyers.