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These Are Domain Name Trends To Know

Your business needs an online presence. And to find the best domain, these are the domain name trends to know.

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Year after year, those looking to buy domain names grow by 5% and industry data shows there are about 348.7 million domain names registered across all top-level domains. That’s a lot of potential competition when creating a name. You want your business’s domain name to come up first, as well as matching the latest keyword trends. Future thinking business owners should take a note of these patterns to make smart domain decisions.

GDPR Regulations

GDPR gives individuals in the EU better control over how their personal data is used over the internet. Any company that markets goods in the EU must get consent for data sharing. Even parked domains must have data protection notifications and a cookie for customer consent. This means that greater care should be taken if you are considering buying up domain names that might be useful for your business in the future.

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Foreign Markets

More and more businesses in the Chinese and Indian market are moving into the .com market to drive sales opportunities. This is exciting as these countries have the largest online populations in the world. While this does present a huge potential market for your business, it also means that when you come to buying a domain name from a site such as https://www.names.co.uk/domain-names there will be greater competition for the best ranked site names.

Growing Focus On Cryptocurrency

Sales of crypto-centered domains are growing rapidly and companies in the domain space are looking for ways to support this sector. While the staying power of cryptocurrencies is still yet to be determined, it would be wise to pay attention to how this industry rises or falls.

The domain world is always changing. Depending on current affairs, business news, the state of the global economy, the keywords and trends for domain names can change quickly. A free one word .com domain name is impossible to invest in, so being aware of keywords and trends can really change the potential domain name you can buy.

Here are keyword trends for 2020 and beyond: data, ai, neural, tech, quant, deep, crowd, media, base, site, net, box, bi, mega, and green. Match them with a prefix or suffix and you’ll be ahead of the trend.

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