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What Are Natural Flavours?

Natural flavours are those which are derived from ingredients or foodstuffs which have been carefully selected based on the correct combination of aromas, textures, tastes and colours. Flavour, or natural flavour, is usually determined more by the olfactory senses than the gustatory (taste) senses and is therefore most influenced by the chemical properties of the food or flavour. The chemicals that make up a particular natural flavour are then identified using scientific methodologies and combinations of the flavours are produced as a result. For example, if you were to cook tomato sauce using a mixture of different natural flavours such as red tomato, lemon juice, thyme and cumin, you will end up with something that is unique and distinctive to you. Find out more about Flavouring Manufacturers. Stringer Flavour are flavouring manufacturers.

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Natural flavours can be created from many different sources. A great example of this is the natural flavour of fresh parsley. Parsley has been used for centuries in cooking as a flavouring agent. Its distinctive smell and slightly bitter taste have led many to choose parsley as their main ingredient in dishes and as an ingredient of salad dressings. So, not only are parsley an excellent herb when it comes to cooking, but it also adds a delicious natural taste to foods which use it.

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Another type of natural flavour is that of ginger. This is because of the way in which ginger is processed. The whole process of preparing ginger is a science and involves the careful extraction of all its natural characteristics, including its aromatic qualities, its sweetness and even its tingly sensation. All these properties make ginger such a versatile ingredient and are what makes it such a popular ingredient with restaurants and bistros alike.

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