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Top tips for furnishing your summer house

A summer house gives your house additional space and a beautiful feature that your guests can appreciate. It can also be used for many different purposes, with some people using their summer house as a dining room, and others using theirs as a studio. Some people even turn their summer houses into guest bedrooms!

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If you are planning on buying a summer house, here are some tips to help you furnish your summer house.

Embrace garden furniture

You can use garden furniture instead of house furniture to create a relaxed, airy vibe in your summer house. Modern garden furniture is very comfortable and stylish, and there are lots of different designs for you to choose from.

Invest in a daybed

A daybed will add a touch of indulgence and luxury to your summer house and is the perfect place to lay down for a summer nap.

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Consider using multi-purpose furniture

If your summer house is quite small, you can utilise the space effectively by investing in multi-purpose furniture, such as coffee tables with storage space, and tables that fold away.

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Go for blinds

Blinds are lighter and more airy than bulky curtains, so they will help you to make use of all of the light that is available to you. If you really prefer the idea of curtains, go for a thin set in a pale colour, so that they don’t make your summer house feel dark and small.

Choose the right colours

If you paint your summer house in a bright, summery colour, it will always seem welcoming and inviting. According to HGTV, some great summer colour options include cobalt blue, exotic orange, sunny yellow, soft grey and sky blue.

Think about what the summer house is meant for

Are you using your summer house as a writing den, or as a space for teenagers? If you are using it as a space for teenagers, you should consult the teens to see what they want. After all, there is no point in designing something that they won’t like. Remember that the room should reflect the taste and the style of the people who will be using it the most.

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