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5 great reasons to start sewing

Until the 70s, sewing was well established in homes across the country and even taught in schools. Clothes were often homemade and even the least experienced seamstress would know how to fix a button or hem. In more recent years, with the influx of cheaper, almost throwaway clothing, sewing fell completely out of fashion. Why waste time mending something when you can buy a brand-new version for just a few pounds?

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However there has been a recent renaissance in sewing and needlework. Programmes like the Great British sewing bee have encouraged people to get their thimbles out and rediscover the joys of sewing. Sadly the BBC recently announced they are cancelling the programme, but it still had an effect on many fans.

So, what reasons are there to convince people to start sewing themselves?

Calming and Soothing

Sewing requires concentration and attention as well as involving very rhythmic and repetitive actions. This is a great way to distract you from everyday stresses and worries, almost sending you into a meditative or dreamlike state which makes this a really calming and soothing hobby.

It Appeals to an Instinct to Seek Out and Collect

Sewing offers a chance to spend time searching through fabric shops and market stalls, picking up that piece of cotton with the perfect pattern for a summer skirt or simply buying and storing up sets of pretty buttons waiting for the ideal project to use them on.

You can even purchase dress making fabrics online at places like http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp.

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It’s Artistic and Creative

You choose the material, the accessories, the thread and then turn it into something useful or beautiful or even both. Even using a pattern still allows you to add creative touches like frills or edging, and embroidery or cross stitch is all about creativity. Most importantly, you can create items that are unique to you, your house and family.

Useful and Practical

Of all the crafts, sewing is the one that has truly practical applications. From sewing clothing for your family to making your own soft furnishings there are areas in which you can really make a financial saving by sewing things yourself. Not to mention repairing rather than replacing furnishings and clothing.


Sewing requires you to slow down, take time and concentrate, so teaching the valuable lesson of patience.

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