The sculptures made from used tyres

The sculptures made from used tyres

Contemporary artists are using ever more unusual materials to create beautiful pieces for both public events and private commissions, and used car tyres allow them to recycle something which is normally consigned to the scrap heap.

The sculptures made from used tyres

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While we traditionally associate sculpture with clay, marble or granite, it is now possible to commission a work made from any number of metals, wire, wood, glass and rubber tyres.

An American artist called Blake McFarland recently made a life-size bucking bronco out of some Goodyear tyres, using steel beams to allow the horse to stand on its two front legs. The result was a stunning and unusual work of art which recreated the anatomy of a real horse.

Another artist, Yong Ho Ji, who is based in Korea, also recycles old tyres and turns them into animal and human sculptures which are now housed in permanent collections in Seoul and in public places. They include a shark, a bull and a lion. The works are particularly challenging, as tough tyres take a long time to carve and sculpt.

Once the tyres have been turned into the work of art, they are unrecognisable, apart from some of the tread on display. As The Independent says, artists have always shown an ability to make use of unwanted objects and transform them into works of art.

More controversial artists have used melted-down weapons such as guns and swords to create artworks. Others use parts of clocks and watches or household and industrial waste, which they collect from dumps, skips and charity shops. As sculptors, they have the satisfaction of turning items which have been discarded and are destined for landfill into something to be treasured.

Commission Your Own

Animal sculptures are particularly popular, whatever material they are made from. One artist who takes commissions from a variety of clients across the world and makes stunning bronze animal sculptures is

If you have a spot in your garden or home and want to recreate a beloved pet or a favourite shape, there are many artists who will sit down with you before creating exactly what you want.

This means you’ll have a beautiful bespoke work of art which is unique to you and your home and will be a conversation piece for years to come.