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Exercise pills: Utopia or reality?

Some time ago began to emerge the first news about the miraculous pills exercise that were developing in Canadian laboratories, as future substitutes sport. We are facing utopia or reality?

Pills born with the purpose of achieving achieve some of the beneficial effects of exercise, but with the uniqueness of not having to move the couch. Is this possible? Or is it really an unattainable purpose?

Exercise pills Utopia or realityThe miraculous goal pursued

Imitate the benefits that sport reaches in such vital organs as the heart, brain and liver. This is the proposal of a professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada), Ismael Laher:

For years it need work in these miraculous pills and now we can say that is an achievable goal through our understanding of the molecular targets of physical exercise

To this end, I just have been exhaustive analysis have identified how our body exercise, both muscle and performance level it benefits.

According says expert in medical biology Sean McGee, the first results seem to show significant cardiovascular improvements in animal groups, but still even in five years is not expected test results to humans.

An exit to the extended monetarism

A population that generally lacks many times a life active enough, the need to get adapt science to exercise as a means to solve, even in part, many of the chronic most widespread diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

It seems that the solution will come from the hand to adapt the molecular to the natural results techniques obtained through a regular exercise, i.e. mimic the effects and benefits of sport through simple chemical interventions and without requiring Of real muscle activity.

An idea that certainly at first glance seems totally amazing but reality supported as we are facing a real purpose of several of the most prestigious laboratories in recent years.

Is it possible to equalize the effect of sport with a simple pill?

A project that has already become protagonist in prestigious journals such as pharmacology Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, but can be all that simple? Can science be able to equal certain effects offered by the sport?

Personally I believe that the practice of physical exercise not only carries muscle or cardiovascular benefits, but goes much further. Cognitive, bone benefits … not to mention talk about the mental and psychological well being that offers the lead a healthy and active life … can that get a pill?

My humble answer is: no. Welcome are all developments that help us better understand how our body works, but the reality is that I prefer to remain committed to the satisfaction offered by the practice real sport and forget the moment of miracle pills. 
What do you think?

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