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If you have proposed to get fit and your environment is against, these tricks can help you

Among our purposes at the time of getting in shape we can consider many alternatives that range from exercising regularly to feeding ourselves properly. But not always this objective that we set ourselves can be carried out. It seems that on many occasions everything is turned against so that we can achieve our goals. That’s why we want to give some tips or tricks to overcome these obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals.

The environment that surrounds us is very important when it comes to achieving our goals. It is true that willpower and perseverance play an important role when it comes to reaching a successful conclusion, but it is not always enough to mentalize and do our part, since in most cases the environment has to accompany us. But if this is not so we can have some aces in the sleeve to get it.

Exercising daily, having a social life and eating well are the main challenges we must face.

We are going to differentiate in several aspects the moment in which we must overcome the temptation. These are different scenarios in which our will and the environment play an important role. The time to go out to exercise, daily food and leisure time are the points that we should not neglect if we want to be in top shape.

Going out to practice sports, a lot of excuses not to do it …

To begin, let’s focus on sports practice. Performing exercise daily is a good practice. A moment in which we find ourselves and spend time taking care of our body. But it is not always possible for us to get that habit, since the environment does not accompany us. Work, family … They are usually reasons or excuses why we stop training and put ourselves in this way.

Some points that can facilitate the way

Little by little we stopped training and going to practice any activity. It is true that in the first place we are going to stop to think that the day has many hours and that everything is a matter of organization. Several points to keep in mind will help us to take time and train each day:

Exercising daily can be simple if we know how to apply some tricks to avoid making excuses

  • It is not necessary to dedicate marathon sessions to the trainings . Simply to allocate between half an hour and a daily hour to train is enough. Planning simple exercise routines that include all parts of the body will be enough to keep us in shape and achieve considerable improvement.
  • If the day is usually complicated and we always find problems or excuses with work or family commitments, it is best to train first now , before going to work is a good time. Getting up a little earlier to go to the gym or to run is a good trick and one of the best alternatives to keep active and exercise.
  • Choosing a gym near home or at work is one of the best alternatives when it comes to helping us to train. In this way we will avoid wasting time on trips that will eventually make us not go as hard to train as we should.
  • Choosing an activity that we really like is fundamental when it comes to acquiring a physical work routine. Going to train with a positive attitude is necessary to achieve better results and avoid excuses that may prevent us from doing so.

A trick to always get physical exercise

The trick in this case that we are going to propose if we can not train is not to stop doing any physical activity that is within our reach . Walk to work, avoid elevators and escalators. Carry out any displacement that is proposed to us. The tasks of the house, go out to make the purchase instead of doing it online is a good alternative. The case is not to remain sedentary and for that it will be enough to make the movement a maximum in the day to day.

Food or how everything around us is against a healthy diet …

As far as food is concerned, the same problem exists. As we have seen in other occasions, the feeding is fundamental at the time of obtaining a physique much more fibrous and muscular. But the stars do not always line up around us so that we can achieve it in the best possible way. Therefore it is necessary that we take into account some points that we can carry out to make a healthy diet possible:

Eating well is possible despite the hostile environment. It will be enough to know how to do it in the best possible way

  • Planning meals a priori is a good option to stick to a type of balanced diet that contains all the nutrients we need and the calories needed for our body to allow us to perform daily activity. For this it is advisable to always go to a nutrition specialist who can help us get it. Of course, you never have to resort to desperate situations like restrictive diets that the only thing they will get is that we lose interest and fail in the attempt.
  • Having only what we need at home is a good way to avoid temptation. The problem is when we have children or our partner is fond of less healthy food or with a greater caloric intake. To avoid these moments of weakness the ideal is to keep us always well fed, to make 5 balanced meals a day in which hunger is in the background. In this way we will be stronger when it comes to giving up pleasures like eating something sweet between meals.
  • But sometimes it does not work with eating well, but temptation is very high. For this it is important that we are foresighted and have healthy snacks on hand such as a handful of nuts, fruit, pickles … Take hand infusions of berries, cinnamon, vanilla … will help us overcome this moment of temptation.
  • At the time of going out to dinner with friends or family we always end up falling into caprices or less desirable foods. Therefore, the first thing to do is to choose the restaurant well. Decanting ourselves for one that offers us an infinity of alternatives is essential so that we can have a wider range of possibilities to feed ourselves in a healthy way.
  • If the restaurant does not fit our needs or does not exist in the letter something that is healthier, because the alternative we have is to compensate with the rest of the meals that we will carry out throughout the day . If in a meal or a dinner we have spent the necessary nutrients or if we have ingested more than necessary, the best is that the next one is lighter and simpler.
  • The drink is something to take into account and therefore we should always opt for drinks with low caloric content such as water without and with gas. Soft drinks should go to the background, like alcohol or prepared beverages such as juices from fruit concentrate, to which sugars are added. Caring for the drink is essential, because sometimes without realizing it we are stimulating the diet with it.

The advice to respect more or less the diet between hours

The advice we give in these cases to avoid unhealthy temptations between hours if we have nothing to take to the mouth and the machine of the trinkets calls us, is to have prepared a bun or protein cake that we can make ourselves in our own home.

The moments of leisure can also make us get carried away by the bad influences of the environment

Leisure moments are another point that can end our progress. Effectively we will not stay at home or we will become hermits. But these moments are where our strength of will is weakest . We are going to propose some scenarios and the trick we can apply in this regard:

At leisure we should never lower our guard, because it is when the environment wins the battle more easily

  • Going to the movies : We all like to watch movies, but this leads to eating without meaning popcorn , candy, junk food … A time when we do not consider what we eat is dangerous, because the attention is on the screen and not on the plate. For this we can go with our healthy food from home and avoid buying anything made in the room. We will save and improve the feeding. Roasted or raw nuts are a good alternative. The popcorn prepared by us at home with olive oil is also, because they will always be healthier than those made in movie theaters.
  • Going out to dinner : As we have seen before, it is good to choose the restaurant well. A site that has a healthy menu is the best alternative. If not, we will opt for the healthiest. Avoid sauces, bread made with refined flours, dessert and sugar-laden beverages are the best tricks we can apply in this case.
  • Going out for drinks is another moment that we have already commented. It is necessary that we begin to notice what we drink and therefore it is better to leave aside the excess of alcohol. Decanting us for other less caloric beverages such as non-alcoholic drinks or with less of it is the best. A good example is red wine, which is also good for containing antioxidant substances. Of course, abusing him is not advisable, so we must subject the consumption to a glass more or less.
  • In family meals the same thing happens when we go out to eat at a restaurant. But in this case sometimes we have no alternative and therefore the only resource that we have left is the compensation with the rest of the meals that we are going to make during the day. Discard alcohol, sweets and fried foods can be a good trick to get out of a family meal.

It is important that we keep this in mind so that our health does not suffer and our kilos are always stable. In this way we will be able to combine our way of life with the objectives that we have set ourselves to achieve a healthier life and a much better physical. We no longer have an excuse to blame the life we ​​lead and our environment of not being in shape.

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