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Yes, Instagram-style filters have reached PC games with GeForce Experience

Images filters have dominated many applications since a platform, Instagram, put them in fashion. They are on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, in conventional graphics editors, in photo retouching applications and, now also, in PC games thanks to a new beta feature of the GeForce Experience software.

It’s called NVIDIA Freestyle and in the words of those responsible, “it allows you to be more creative with your games”. With the new function a player can apply postprocessing filters while playing. It has several predefined filters at its disposal and the possibility of exploring itself the changes that occur in the aspect when varying values ​​such as saturation or color.

15 filters, color blind mode and night mode

Announced in the framework of CES 2018 , the feature is launched with a total of 15 filters to choose from with 38 different configurations capable of altering in one way or another the experience in games such as World of Warcraft: Legion , Call of Duty: Black Ops III , Battlefield 3 , Grand Theft Auto V , Watch Dogs 2 or Far Cry 4.

For example, you can create a retro war theme filter for your favorite FPS or improve the color and contrast to make the game look more realistic.

NVIDIA Freestyle is integrated at the controller level to offer full compatibility and has more serious uses apart from playful modifications, including a color blind mode that facilitates the differentiation of colors or a night mode that redefines the blue color for users can sleep better after a game night.

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