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How to prevent recurrence of herpes virus

This time we are going to give some recommendations to prevent recurrence of herpes virus. This virus is an infectious agent that appears on the skin, genitals and mouth. It can lead to other problems such as ulcers and, in extreme cases, pneumonia.

How to prevent recurrence of herpes virusWhen we first eruption, the first thing to do is go to our doctor to tell us what antiviral treatment is right for our case. The sooner you start treatment; the better. The drugs have several functions in addition to directly treat herpes:

  • Prevent herpes appear more
  • Reducing the time of appearance of symptoms
  • Limit contagion

Measures to prevent recurrence of herpes

But what we can do to make no recurrence of herpes?

A comeback that is known as re-growth or recurrence. It depends on the person himself that virus appears again or not and the severity of it, but are usually those with weak immune systems which are more exposed. However, really the causes that leads to no known recurrence of herpes.

In the area of the mouth they are associated with sun exposure, lesions on the lips or other infections. As for the genital area, it is believed to be related to menstruation, sexual intercourse, infections, stress, irritation dermis or surgeries.

To prevent reappear herpes, there are medications taken daily for a certain time. As indicated by the doctor. This treatment is called suppressive therapy.

Another way to avoid the return of herpes necessarily involves a healthy life. Rest well and fulfill the necessary hours of sleep. In addition to seeking to reduce stress.

After six months, we must turn again to the doctor to decide whether to continue with anti-virals, ending the treatment or make some modification.

What other advice portraitist you to avoid recurrence of herpes virus?

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