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7 home remedies for terrible stains on a sofa

The sofa, by function and size, usually acts as the protagonist of our living room or dining room. It is not only a focus but a core of life; after the table is the sofa. They come in many styles, colors, designs, sizes … but they all share a common threat: the time comes when something is spilled on your fabric. Clean a sofa is complicated task, without even entering the different tissues more or less sensitive, since it is a fabric that cannot be handled with ease sleeve or any other garment. Today I will present the worst that can happen to a sofa: scarier 7 spots and how to fix them with 7 tricks home.

7 home remedies for terrible stains on a sofa1) Ink

It is very easy for us to drop a pen on the couch and let a horrible rallajo marked. To resolve this accident the best we can use is lemon juice. If the fabric is dark we can choose to burn alcohol, but if the upholstery is light is best to go over the area with a little warm milk to remove the remains without a trace.

2) Wax

Lighting the scented candle that we like and plop! A drip edge sticks to the fabric with little intention to break loose. The first thing you should do if the stain is recent is solidify the wax by rubbing an ice cube. Once is hard, it will be easy with any sharp tool to scrape pieces, being careful not to tear the fabric.

3) Coffee

One of the most common, because no matter how carefully we carry, carelessness can pour our cup on the seat. First it is important to wipe the coffee grounds to wet the area with cold water. Once clear, we must rub with a dry sponge and then apply a mixture of alcohol and white vinegar with a not too stiff brush. Withdraw all with a dry cloth and be like new.

4) Wine

Following drinks: what a comfortable and pleasant desktop pass on the couch until any tap or flushes a little awkward movement of wine from our cup. In this case it is vital the sooner the stain dry with absorbent paper for not too. Then you must apply some water or soda, if you have, and rub. If persistent can create a homemade soap paste composed of gel, a few drops of ammonia and a little hot water

5) Fat

For any sticky stain, oil type, it is essential to absorb all the drippings before treating. Apply salt or chalk dust will act as a natural sponge.

6) Blood

No matter how careful you take with this – and fortunately it will not be the most frequently stain any small cut or domestic accident may end up with a bloodbath blood on our couch. For these cases, the white vinegar applied with a brush moistened remove most of the stain; but to remove the dry fence is the best pass cotton impregnated in oxygenated water which absorbs it and removing the color of the rest.

7) Chocolate

Finally, one of the most complicated and, especially in homes with children, unfortunately the most common. If you are sure that there is a delicate fabric, you can rub the stain with lemon juice. An equally effective alternative is to make a mixture of glycerin and egg white and let it act on the uneven surface. If the fabric is more irregular touch, you can use powdered talc to absorb dirt before rubbing.

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