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The power of recommendations pervasive among younger moms

The power of online recommendations decisively influences moms when buying baby products. This is reflected in the latest study by BabyCenter.

66% of the millennial moms highest income states actively seeking online opinions when it comes to buying products for your baby. The experience and advice from other mothers are for them a source of reliable information. Hence brands begin to worry about the degree of customer satisfaction, and work to provide a satisfying experience. Values that will lead them to recommend the brand.

The power of recommendations pervasive among younger momsAccording to the study, which involved 905 mothers a few months, along with pregnant women in late pregnancy, 61% of those with household incomes located between 50 000 and 100 dollars a year, decided to buy their baby stroller to from the comments posted by other parents. In the case of households with less than $ 50,000, this percentage dropped to 48%.

Instead, when taking into account the opinions and recommendations of experts in the field, its influence index is significantly lower. 44% of mothers with higher incomes (between 50,000 and 100,000) yes assessed this information in their decision making. However, in the case of those households below the $ 50,000 income, these valuations by experts only took their toll in 31% of cases.

The findings of BabyCenter confirm the trend shown in studies previous research on the process and decision making of the youngest mothers, as well as the important role of the Internet and social networks. Specifically, the study published in November Nationan Consumery by Experian showed that mothers with children under 5 years are the main protagonists of social networks. These women are more than twice as likely as the rest of the population to use these channels 2.0 at least 3 times a day.

These means serve to support and reinforce the purchase decision. Social channels act as a medium that promotes global communication, a meeting point where to find support, share concerns and learn testimonies of others. A fact that has substantially changed the buying habits of women. World Market Research indicates that this word of mouth digital influences 50% of purchasing decisions.

Therefore, it is undeniable the power of online recommendations in the process of purchasing this target audience. Brands have to be aware of this reality, and guide its strategy around its target audience of true vocation of service; in order to provide them with a full, dignified experience sharing and recommending. It is also important to enable all the necessary channels, in order to facilitate two-way communication, and collect their experiences and opinions about the brand, products and service received.

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