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5 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

Thinking about visiting Northern Ireland in the near future? Here are 5 of the greatest must-see tourist attractions that Northern Ireland has to offer:

5 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

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  1. Giants Causeway

This is Northern Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. There are many legends surrounding its creation, most including stories of giants from both Northern Ireland and Scotland. However, the real reason why the staircase-like rocks are present at all is due to volcanic eruptions. Of course, these eruptions occurred around 65 million years ago and are well and truly “cooled” by now.

  1. Crumlin Road Gaol

If you want to experience what life was like as a prisoner in the Crumlin Road Gaol from 1845 to 1996, here’s your chance. According to Trip Advisor, the Crumlin Road Gaol is the second most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. It takes you on a tour through the prison where 17 men were hung. You will also be taken to the sinister underground tunnel that was once connected to the courthouse and where prisoners were moved to and from both buildings.

  1. Game of Thrones Filming Location Tour

If you are a fan of the epic Game of Thrones series, you will probably be interested in taking the enjoyable Game of Thrones tour. There are several available to the public, however, it is also possible to travel to these locations without a tour guide. Some of the most popular places of interest include the Dark Hedges and Tollymore Forest Park.

  1. Forest Parks

Northern Ireland is home to a large range of beautiful forest parks such as Tollymore and Peatlands Park in Dungannon. This park is home to different kinds of wildlife such as badgers, newts and hares. After taking a long stroll in the park, you’ll probably be dying to put your feet up in a Northern Ireland luxury B&B. Thankfully, a luxury B&B in Northern Ireland isn’t hard to come by. So remember to bring your hiking boots when you come to this beautiful part of the island

  1. Titanic Belfast

Northern Ireland is home to the Titanic Belfast, an award winning tour that takes you behind the scenes and lets you “walk in the footsteps” of those who built the real RMS Titanic. You will also experience what it was like to be a passenger on the world’s most famous ship. The tour includes replicas of the ship, including the different cabins for first class and lower class passengers.

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