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The absence of online reputation management can bring serious damage

Caring online reputation is absolutely necessary for any brand today.Internet is a useful means of communication, where updated information, which can give us visibility, or the worst in us.

90% of users trust the recommendations published on the Internet conspecifics (Forrester). 70% trust what they indicate users do not know, and 27% values the opinion of experts. Only 8% believed what they say celebrities. Meanwhile, 75% of customers do not believe what they say advertising.

Influence buying decisions. 70% revises such comments before deciding to buy. Proof of this is that the traffic of the main user reviews sites has grown 158% in the last year. In addition, 97% of consumers who have made a purchase following these tips you agree with the assessments published.

The absence of online reputation management can bring serious damageThe reputation of the leading representatives of the business is also vital.87% of users think that the reputation of its CEO is an asset to care for, as another element of managing the online reputation of the company.

Have a good image on the internet can benefit when accessing a job. 78% of recruiters turn to search engines as a routine activity when selecting their candidates. 35% has been eliminated, because of the internet information offered about him.

The absence of management online reputation can bring serious damage to the marks. It is estimated that 83% of brands will suffer some kind of reputational crises over the next 5 years. Therefore, it is a task that can not wait.

Google gives preference their searches to the latest results, along with those of the most relevant pages. This favors the negative results in their first results appear more frequently than desired. What can cause in the absence of online reputation strategy, a single negative comment appears first when the customer is interested in that product.

Brands that do not monitor their online reputation can not possibly notice this problem or react in time to fight its consequences. It is therefore necessary to implement a plan online reputation, in order to reap positive results and bury any damaging to the brand element.

Assesses the current situation. Find yourself in Google, analyzes the results offered regarding your brand and design a strategy to grow the positive towards it mentions.

Combat the negative results based content overdose. If you’ve never cared your online reputation probably appear mentions of your brand years ago. These could easily be diluted if you start to generate quality content about your brand and products.

Encourage your customers to comment. Another avenue to consider is toget opinions and assessments of your customers. Enables means they can generate and share their positive experiences with your brand.

Practice constant monitoring, not only your brand but your products, services and all elements related to your activity. It is a task that requires a lot of dedication, but it is absolutely necessary.

Try to erase the results of bad taste. If comments forum or blog insults and expletives toward your brand appear, it would be advisable that you dirigibles those responsible for the site, in order to warn them of the inappropriateness of having that content its pages.

As you see, what people say about us on the internet every day is more important. For both brands as people, we should all take care of our online presence and work in this area to control the image we transmit online.

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