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Top five benefits of diamond alloys for your car

Have you noticed how most new cars nowadays have alloy wheels? Even older cars sport a range of alloy wheel designs. Have you ever wondered why? This post suggests how you too might be interested in some designer wheels.

Top five benefits of diamond alloys for your car

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First of all, why are alloy wheels now very common, as opposed to the old fashioned steel ones that used to be universal? Alloy wheels give a new nimbleness to a car’s performance, and make it look much better, as described in this post from The Car Expert. There are a number of other advantages.


With modern aluminium alloys, diamond cut wheels are much lighter than steel equivalents. This weight advantage has lots of advantages. The car is more responsive and accurate, and improved acceleration or fuel economy could result.

Increased brake clearance

Well designed alloy wheels can allow more space for brake mechanisms, making braking smoother and more precise.

Easier acceleration

The light weight of the alloy wheel means the engine’s power works better at moving the car than steel equivalents. Less engine power is used to rotate a light alloy wheel, compared to the heavier steel one.


Aluminium alloy wheels are stronger than steel ones, and dissipate heat more efficiently, avoiding cracking and bending. The better heat performance also improves brake and tyre reaction.


With diamond cut alloy wheels, there is a wide range of designs available, making your wheels distinctive, and increasing your car’s value. Some marques allow for individual selection of wheel type from new, and diamond cut wheels allow for great variation from a standard pattern. Different colours, different finishes, even the addition of a chromium lip all help to make your car unique.

What is diamond cutting alloy wheels? A computer controlled lathe using diamond tipped cutting tools accurately machines the wheel to a pre-determined pattern. This gives flexibility for lots of designs, and a huge range of finishes and colours. Companies like Ace Finish offer diamond cutting alloy wheels in Peterborough, so get in touch for their advice.

Personalise your car by getting your wheels sorted. Diamond cutting allows for refurbishment of damaged or corroded alloy wheels, restoring them to showroom gleam. Most alloy wheels are improved by restoration, and diamond cutting is one of the best ways to achieve that.

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